Kseniya Borodina didn’t forgive mockery to Kseniya Sobchack and called it “cure for impotency
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Ex-colleagues Kseniya Borodina and Kseniya Sobchack every so often exchange with stinging remarks. To your attantion there is yet another “train”.

Earstwhile fans of “home-2” remember that once teleforming was managed by 2 Kseniyas – Borodina and Sobchack. For sure, at the field things did happen, but generally speaking presenters were in tune with each other. Years passed by, and something happened.

Lately girls started quite often exchange with stinging remarks. Each of these tryes better stab to the heart another one, training with ingenuity.

Most commonly first round is always behind Sobchack, and Borodina strikes back. Thus, two weeks ago journalist-woman in her YouTube programm raised the topic of infidelities of Borodina’s husband Kurban Omarov. This was followed by promt reaction of irreplaceable performer of “home-2” and after – of her husband.

Now Sobchack piqued ex-colleague in a different way. In the network there are rumors that Borodina buys and advertizes copies of brands, but not original brands. When Sobchack was offered to advertize fake goods she said that they would better adress Borodina with this.

The performer of House-2 didn’t remain silent. She published in instagram stories ad for dietary supplement starring Sobchack. She wrote : this very moment when measure for impotency advertizes measure for sexual vigor.

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