“I am out of job because of coronavirus” – how and what for people live during pandemia
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Meanwhile president of Russian Federation asks employers not to deprive theirs employees of theirs income during the non-working days, which will last till the end of may, some people have already lost their job. Preeminantly it touched upon those, who worked in shops and cafes, gaining salary for each shift and also workers of tourism and beauty area, providers of events.

Out of work and soulmate

Victor, 24 years old, barista 

I lost job, side job and a girl. I worked as barista in one of cafes and made extra money on the side at another one. These were projects of my friends, so oficially noone fired me, simply all cafes have closed and i hope to get back to work when everything will calm down. For now i have been out of job for 3 weeks. Before i was paid for each shift and i earned near 60 thousands of RUR and paid 45 thousands each month for the flat. It has been a long time since we rent an apartment in Reutov with my mother and we are in good relations with the owner thus i am banking on the idea that if we postpone the payment he will understand.

With the girl we simply gave over seeing each other. She is just 17, thus her parents far long ago have closed her in the house and do not let go outside. She is from Moscow, we haven’t seen each other for a month. All our communication is through the network. But we are building up plans for the future.

Without shootings

Nastya, 30 years old, actress 

I was carrying out events, was shooted in series and TV-programms , for example at TVC or at 1st channel. Because of the virus many corporate parties were cancelled for six months ahead. For me it is the loss of 350 thousands RUR. Also all the summer weddings are being cancelled. Ostankino now either empty, nobody wants to go there.

Also i worked as tutor for singing: i was preparing my pupils to making them into college and prepared concerts with children. For example, we planned performance at fashion week in Moscow, by now it has been falling apart.

Without tours

Alexander, director of tour agency

Our company is not that big: we sent choruses to events, were doing conferences, sold tour packages. Now losses in all directions. My income has fallen by 75%. In the end of february all over the Moscow were forbidden all outdoor events. All trips of choruses were canceled – 6 trips. We have faced difficulties with returning advances and tickets. We were lucky: we managed to pull out almost everything and returned it to clients. But to many colleagues money were not returned.

With the conferences not better. This year in spring out of 3 planned – in Moscow, Peter and Yerevan ones we managed to have only Moscow one. Yerevan cancelled for sure. With St. Petersburg it is vague. With tour packages either bad: almost all sold are nullified or moved to a different date.

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