Students demand for discounts for online education. What universities and private schools do? And how to get amends for e-learning
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Students of institutes of higher education are dissatisfied with the quality of e-learning. A while back students of Moscow State University created the class action suit to the court with the request to reconsider the cost of education. They complained for technical bugs during the lectures, unreadiness of tutors for new formates of work and impossibility to solidify knowledge on practice. Institutes are yet not ready to decrease prises, meanwhile private schools facing the reduction of demand for education already started making discounts.

Problems with Zoom

Students of Russian State University for the Humanities asked rector Alexander Bezborodov to make a discount for distant education — 60 % for the next half-year or partly reimberse the fee for the current term. Accordingly to Doxa outlet, the letter was signed by 200 students. They complained, that not all tutors have toll accounts in Zoom, thus some students can’t join the lecture because of limit for the quantity of participants of videoconference. To use library is also impossible. Rectorate claimed them that toll acconts for tutors were bought yet in March.

Press-service of RSUH announced that the issue over change of price for education is not being considered. Benefit recipients will receive compensation of the price for the home-return tickets. Since 13 November to 6th February students and postgraduates who left the dormitory will be released from the payment for utilities.

Now students of RSUH can attend institute if there is a necessity – to use funds of library, to come in to the dean’s office, to collect necessary verification letters or documents. Also it is possible to address distantly to administrative facilities. “Scholarly library organizes access of students to fulltext databases so that they could studdy and work over the researches not coming out home”, – announced at the University.

The same prices 

Higher School of Economics already passed to the distant regime already in spring. In new academic year since 1 September all lectures were at distant access and since 16 November – seminars. “95% learning sessions are conducted in a sincronized format – students and tutors are intercommunicating at lectures and seminars through video services. This academic year HSE commenced paying attantion to on-line consultations of tutors to students – 4 hours per week” – announced at press-service of HSE. Also istitute attracts for online lectures more than 100 distant professors who live abroad.

Discounts in internet

Private schools who transfered education process to online regime have more flexible approach to pricing. School of Gyunter Grass (non-commercial project where foreign languages are educated and also russian sign language) decreased price for education approximately by 30%. “We don’t need anymore to pay for the rent and in groups there is now less students because of comming online” – sais the founder of school Dmitriy Gavrilov.

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