The use of coronavirus in respect of working is announced
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The British researchers announced use of coronavirus for office employees. With the shift to distant working it has become easier for white collars to feel comfortable. It is reported at the research of British Council for Offices, wrote The Guardian.

Accordingly to its data, most employees of offices whether on the level of management or onthe level of ordinary employees do not want to return to office for five-day week after the pandemic will draw in finally. In the future they prefer to alternate the work from office with the work from home.

At the same time experts admit that to decline the offices completely is impossible because they are importaint for educating newcommers, besides some people work more effectively in a team and are in need of interaction with collegues.

Earlier russian experts denounced that more flexible workplaces will exchange the classic offices. Specialists expect that many companies sooner or later will prefer to work at coworkings or service offices.

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