«Education of patriots»: why in Karelia the imitation of detention camp is being constructed
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“Reconstruction of life of young prisoners”

The workers establish watch towers, painters color new barracks to dim grey color – this way Karelia prepairs to opening of the museum, inmitating domestic life of young prisoners of Finnish migratory detention camps.

Reconstruction of building is done by children donation fund “Open opportunities”. For this project Fund of presidential grants gave 2,8 mln RUR lasr year.

The construction is held on the territory of private camping site at Vatnavolok village. Board chairman of “Open opportunities” Natalia Abramova specified: this refers not to reconstruction of existing during the Gread Patriotic War detention camp but to creation a new one.

She said that there will be brought students of the region with the purpose of patriotic education – they will be obliged to live in this atmosphere for 2 days. First visitors will be invited by museum already in December of 2020.

The most diverse patriotic program is prepared for them. Thus, historicians and themselves past young prisoners will be comming to the camp for conduction of lectures. Also guests will be participating in war-patriotic games and lessons for bravery from Petrozavodsk cossak society.

“This is the item of reconstruction of life and culture of young prisoners. Scouting forces of Republic Karelia will offer artifacts: items of domestic life of the time of war. Mostly itwill be plates, spoons. In one of barracks it is planned to set up plank beds, stove”, – Abramova shared her plans.


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