They will transform new Citroen into copy of Type H for 1,3 million rubles
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Body kit is available for passanger and freighter models with any lenght of the body.

In 2017 small italian studio celebrated 70 th anniversary of Citroen Type H in an original way: were released 70 sets of ground effects for new Jumper, which made it look similar to famous afterwar truck. And now duet of designers Fabricio Caselani and David Obendorfer applied the same faceted “costume” for youngers SpaceTourer and Jumpy.

The studio Carrosserie Caselani sent in project by the name “Citroen Type HG” at the exhibition “Modena Motor Gallery. Just as previously, they offer to transform different modifications of passenger and freighter models, besides each body is available in 3 variants of lenght: XS, M, and XL. There are also no limitation by power aggregates: new body pannels, round headlights and lamps and all the rest are possible equally to set up both to fuel car and to fully electrical e-Jumpy.

The passanger compartment apparently will remain unchanged: anyhow the image of interior Italians haven’t published. It doesn’t get reported about limitation of edition but the price is already announced – 14800 euro (1,36 million rubles by the current exchange rate) not depending on type and lenght of the body. In this amount are included body kit, its setting up and painting.



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