Designating an epoch: 5 importaint royal rules which Elizabeth changed
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Over the course of her ruling queen Elizabeth contravened several important rules, however, contrarily to many apprehentions, this made out British monarchy only better and stronger. 5 out of them significantly changed aulic way of life.

Women pretend to the throne on an equal footing with men

During more than a thousand years the firstborn babyboy was considered the successor of the throne, what didn’t let elder daughter to take a throne. Queen Elizabeth changed this rule in 2013, making ammendments to the Inheritance act, which commenced in May 2015, as reported by The Royal Household.
Now top contender for the throne is prince Charles, after which in the queue of the succession there are prince William, prince George, princess Charlotte and prince Lui.

Charlotte is princess

The power to dispose of assignment of the titles in Great Britain is centralized in one hands – hands of the Monarch. And Her Majesty repeatedly decided whether to confer a title or not to her grandkids in a departure from tradition. Thus, in 2012 Elizabeth II issued an edict insuring that if prince William and dutchess Katrine will be having a daughter, she will be named not just “lady”. Accordingly to new edict, not only the firsborn but second child either will be having a title of prince or princess.

Acсess to Monarch

For sure, to walk into audience to Her Majesty plainly is impossible so far, but it is necessary to bring back to mind that namely Elizabeth for the first time started interacting with people, when in 1970, accordingly to Reader’s Digest, she put into practice new way of communicating with public – queen walk, during which members of royal family are sauntering through the city and communicating with ordinary people.

Members of royal family nowdays can marry catholics

Since 1701 members of royal family are forbidden to marry catholics. It is comming from the fact that monarch is a head of Anglican Church. But accordingly to ammendments isssued in 2013 and comming into force in 2015 members of royal family can marry catholics.

And with divorced ones…

In 2002 Anglican church and queen Elizabeth officially allowed to marry those who are divoreced, even if their sposes are alive. This let prince Charles marry Camilla Parker-Bowles in 2005 and prince Harry marry Meghan Markle in 2018.

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