I haven’t come back out of the vacation leave, people who decided to have a rest and found theirs dreamjob
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The summer season is considered to be not the best time for the job search: headhunters and candidates are on vacation, there are few job opportunities. But this time of having rest is possible to be used to search for new opportunities and reconsidering of own career. We found people, who left on vacation leave and didn’t came back to the previous place of work.

To stay on the island

Lolita Gruzdieva

content-producer of “Yandex-praktikum”

On 29 of March i set off from New-York, where i was on business-trip, to Samui island, where i had two-weeks-long retreat on mindfulness and vacations. I flew 20 hours and knew that in two weeks i would be having to return to Moscow where i have job and cute rental single-room apartment at Prospekt Mira metro. To say that i stayed here only because of pandemic, is rather unfairly.

By the end of retreat I understood that I don’t want to leave, because many stayed here and I wanted to go on learning meditation and concious life. Simultaneously by this time the pandemic commenced and there were talks over the closure of boarders. To my employers i fairly wrote, that I want to work several days remoutly and to watch, what will be happening. For these several days our island was fully closed for entry and exit and I stayed at Samui for the indefinite term.

My job fell down, I managed distant move out of the flat, and thus I felt that I have nothing and noone to return to. Several months, besides everyday meditation practices and lessons on attention concentration, i was engaged with my own projects, learned cooking, together with my friends wrote a scenario, was going in for sports, and gradually understood that there is my new life. Absolutely unpredictably I was offered to have the number of interviews for content-producer opportunity with thepossibility to work distantly. Thus for several month everything had changed. Now I am still on the Island, I am living full and happy life here and yet don’t want to come back.

CV from the party

Ilya Levinson

PR-manager Vinci Agency

In 2017 I was studding on my second course with specializaton “Advertising and PR “. I wanted to commence working at once, thus i constantly worked on probations to get an experience and paid work. Most often the internship was that I fulfiled personal orders of my bosses and learning was watching the work of “great” employees. Super hot schedule and the absence of money even for the date in McDonalds heavily told on my menthal condition. To go to work as a waiter/cashier/ consultant I radically didn’t want as I beleived that fast money so far won’t convert into the big money in the future.

Round about in October of the similar year I had a letter from old friend of my elder brother and offered the position of real estate agent in his agency. As a matter of course, I knew nothing about this job, but the package was so attractive that i agreed at once. I arranged my schedule by myself, my fee was 50% out of agent comission and commission itself was varying from 10 to 100 %. They demanded only to be communicative, attantively fill in the documents and swiftly visit flats to show them. The accountant inside of me by that time already started counting how much I can earn if will be renting a flat each day. I was sure that people from the first sight will be falling in love with one-room Khrushchev-era apartments at the boarder of Moscow and I will be hurring only to put money in my pocket. But flats could not be rented for months, and this was the minor out of the problems.

After half a year I started treating my job as new composition by Guy Ritchie. They ripped me off for money, tried to pick me in Zhulebno at 12 o’clock in the night when I was waiting for potential occupants and one time I had to run off from the mistress who insisted on sex with her as i resembled her dead husband. This all brought few income and in my mind there appeared athought that the glial cells of brain are not subject to recovery. I asked from my bosses to go for unpaid leave. I had it without any problems, for real estate agents summer is dead season.

During the splendid celebration of my leave I, for no apparent reason, reached into TG-channel with opportunities for PR-managers and marketing specialists. Scrolling through the number of vacancies I felt eternal pain because the requirements for candidates were approximately this: “You shall be not older than 25, the lenght of work – 25 years, 10 languages could be an asset. The alcohol promted me that it is nice idea to send my application form for one of this vacancies, having attached the covering letter. The essence of this leter was that in Russia with PR everything is bad as nobody wants so young and talented specialist as I am. After one week I was called and was invited for an interview, adding that they laughted very much over my letter. The interview was successful. I don’t regret at all that my leave was interrupted.


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