Federica Mogherini: woman at the head of European diplomacy
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For the majority of Russians Federica Mogherini is that very woman, which named Black sea as the European sea. But for sure the famous phrase is not main life achivement of the first (and the youngest) woman, which headed European Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On the sidelines of Brussels it is spoken about Federica that she is the only woman, which is given the right to controll all men – ministers of foreign affairs. Well, taking charge of external policy of European Union she, sure enough, didn’t align with domestic ministers but what is obvious, today she is standing between and even a little over them, standing out as a intermedium and calling for the unity of foreign policy challenges. Upon the shoulders of 43-year-old Italian fell the duty to build up relationship of European Union with such giants as Russia, China, USA, Middle Eastern Countries and many others.

Many years in Italy and in the World Federica was deemed as a black horse. Being the daughter of famous Italian moviemaker Flavio Mogherini and dreaming of the career in newsmaking young woman broke into politics all of a sudden and was not able to leave it for good. From youthhood she started building a career in the Democratic Party, simultaneously working as a columnist in famous italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Surprisingly to all critics it happened to be that Federica is not bad at all in the points of foreign politics: she graduated from politology faculty and defended a diploma at political philosophy in which she examined factors of political growth of Islamic countries. In the party she either paid much time to foreign policy affairs and in 2012 even managed to condemn at her microblog Matteo Renzi in not knowing contemporary foreign relations.

Meanwhile Federica proactively conserns herself with the issues of foreign policy agenda of European Union earning the fame of most bright European diplomat. Meantime EU Commissioner remarks: “Woman sitting next to you by the table totally unnecessary will appear to be the most compromise and facile diplomat.


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