What are the Eurovision stars engaged with
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Alexander Rybak, Norway

Слайд 1 из 10: Норвежский музыкант белорусского происхождения Александр Рыбак установил абсолютный рекорд (до 2016 года), набрав максимальное число очков за всю историю конкурса — 387 баллов. После «Евровидения» Рыбак выпустил дебютный альбом Fairytales, а 2010 год провел на гастролях по России и участвовал в ТВ-шоу «Минута славы» на «Первом канале». До 2012 года музыкант выпустил еще четыре студийных альбома, норвежские кинопрокатчики дважды приглашали его озвучить главного героя в мультфильмах «Как приручить дракона» (2010 год) и «Как приручить дракона 2» (2014 год), а песня Рыбака Into a Fantasy стала саундтреком к европейской версии последнего. В 2015 году музыкант участвовал в шоу музыкальных пародий «Один в один!», где дошел до финала и занял второе место. В 2018-м он снова принял участие в «Евровидении» от Норвегии, но занял лишь 15-е место

Norwegian musician with Belorussian origins Alexander Rybak set the absolute record (up to 2016), gaining maximum points throughout all history of the contest – 387 points. After “Eurovision” Rybak released debut album Fairytales and during 2010 year he was on tour around Russia and participated in TV-show “Minute of the fame” at First channel. By 2012 musician had released 4 more studio albums, Norwegian film distributors invited him twice to post-synchronize the main hero in animation “How to Train Your Dragon” (2010) and “How to Train Your Dragon 2” (2014) and Rybak’s song Into a fantasy became the soundtrack to the European version of the latter. In 2015 musician participated in show of musical parody “One and the same!” where he reached finals and won second place. In 2018 he again participated in “Eurovision” from Norway, but took only 15th place.

Lena, Germany

German singer Lena became the winner with the song Satellite in 2010 and brought to Germany the second reward of “Eurovision” after 1982. After the win track Satellite was downloaded by more than 100 thousands users of iTunes.

During 9 years Lena released 5 studio albums. The latter was released in April 2019 and one of the songs immediately took the second place in German top-charts. Either Lena is being shot in German vocal show “Voice” as one of the coaches.

The singer either has advertising contracts – for example she is a face of L’Oreal company.

Ell & Nikki Azerbaijan

Слайд 3 из 10: Дуэт, представивший в 2011 году Азербайджан, сформировался в ходе отборочных туров. Сначала Эльдар Гасымов и Нигяр Джамал выступали отдельно, но по решению организаторов объединились для участия в финальных этапах. Их песня Running Scared набрала 221 балл и принесла победу на «Евровидении». После этого музыканты вернулись к сольным карьерам, но в 2013 году выпустили еще один совместный сингл Music Still Alive, посвященный Майклу Джексону. Оба музыканта записывают песни, выступают с концертами и пробуют себя в кино. После участия в «Евровидении» Джамал снялась в художественной картине «Чабрец», а Гасымов сыграл главную роль в фильме «Не бойся, я с тобой! 1919», который вышел в прокат в 2013 году. Джамал записала с Димой Биланом песню «Обними меня», а в 2014 году была приглашена в жюри турецкой версии шоу X Factor

The duet, which performed from Azerbaijan at “Eurovision” contest, was formed in the coarse of qualifying stage. At first Eldar Gasymov and Nigyar Djamal performed separately, but accordingly to decision of producers joined to participate in final stages. Their song Running Scared gained 221 points and gave the win at “Eurovision”. After this musicians returned to theirs solo careers, but in 2013 released one more joint single Music Still Alive, dedicated to Michael Jackson.

Both musicians record songs, perform with the concerts and try themselves in a movie. After participation at “Eurovision” Djamal acted in a film “Chabrets” and Gasymov stared in the movie “Don’t be afraid, I am with you!”, which was screened in 2013. Djamal recorded a song with Dima Bilan named “Hug me”, and in 2014 was invited to be a jury of Turkish show X Factor.

Loreen, Sweden

The win of Loreen became 5th one for Sweden. In 1974 at “Eurovision” won quartet ABBA, in 1984 – pop-band Herreys, in 1991 – singer Carola, in 1999 – Sharlotte Nilsson. After the win in Azerbaijan Loreen had a tour over Scandinavian countries and recorded several new songs. For 7 years she has released two full studio albums and one mini album. In 2017 Loreen planned to participate in “Eurovision” for the second time, but in the national qualifying stage Robin Bengtsson won and in the finals of the “Eurovision” contest he was 5th.

The singer leads the active social life and supports many organizations, meets with political activists and outspeaks publicly about violation of human rights in different countries. In 2013 young woman was the representative of non-governmental organization “Sweden committee on Afganistan” and went to Kabul with humanitarian mission.

Emmelie de Forest, Denmark 

In 2013 main prize of the contest was given to young singer from Denmark. Her song Only Teardrops took first place at Danish musical chart and third at charts of Sweden and Switzerland. For 5 years singer recorded two albums, which were released in 2013 and 2018 years. In 2017 she recorded song Never Give Up On You for British singer Lucie Jones, which had performed for Britain at “Eurovision” in Kiev.

Conchita Wurst, Austria

Thomas Neuwirth who is performing since 2011 in character of woman with a beard, tried to get to a contest in 2012, but then it was different candidate from Austria who went. In 2013 Austrian public television and radio broadcasting company ORF put forward a singer, performing with a stage-name Conchita Wurst for “Eurovision” 2014  in circumvention of the viewer’s requests. The performance in Copenhagen gave a win to Conchita and drew a response in the net: the viewers from various countries discussed immorality of singer’s look.

After the win at contest there was recorded debut album Conchita, in which one song is dedicated to fans. The same year Conchita participated at Jean Paul Gaultier’s fashion show and was shot together with Carl Lagerfeld for CR Fashion Book. In 2017 singer came to the festival “Side by side” to support LGBT movement in Russia. After a year Wurst announced about AIDS positive status. The last year Neuwirth appears in public in men’s clothes.

Mans Zelmerlow Sweden

The win of Swedish singer in Vienna was accompanied by the scandal: he was condemned in plagiarism of performance staging, which looked alike show of American singer Beyoncé. Mans didn’t reject the idea that he gained inspiration from works of pop-star. In 2016 he became the show presenter of “Eurovision” final show in Stockholm together with Petra Mede. The same year he released 7th studio album and had many tours around Europe. Today Mans continuing working and rather famous among the listeners. Beside the musical career Zelmerlow goes in for charity. In 2013 he became a co-founder of the fund Zelmerlöw & Bjorkman, the goal of which is help to children of Africa. In the previous year singer became a father of his firstborn from English actress Kiara Johnson, to who he is married since 2017.




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