5 true sights from Disney cartoons
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The action of many animated movies of Disney takes place at real-life corners of the World. We are telling about 5 sights that inspired animators for creation of well-known cartoons.

National apes park in Uganda (“Tarzan”)



During the work under the “Tarzan” filmmakers visited one of the national apes parks in Uganda. Animators watched the family of 13 apes, living at the natural environment. It is them who became the foretype for creation of many sketches of characters. Members of expedition made many photoes of African flora and fauna to make background pictures most accurate.


Château de Chambord (The Beauty and the Beast)



Creating the enchanted castle of the Beast, animators were inspired by architectural ensembles of Loire Valley and in particular by imposing Chambord castle. This splendid palace designed on request of Francis I of France – is a specimen of architecture of Renaissance period and is one of the architectural landmarks of France. Animators of Disney not only borrowed from real castle the color range (indianapolis red color of towers and ivory white color of facade), but either transmited the mysterious atmosphere of this building. Besides, the castle of the Beast and trully existing Chambord are similar in great number of the rooms.

Peter Pan sculpture in London (“Peter Pan”)



Not far from Kensington palace in the picturesque park there is a sculpture of Peter Pan, the character, created by the writer James Barrie. The sculpture of Peter Pan was installed on 1 May 1912. In the work under the sculpture, James Barrie himself participsated. The sculpture got famous very quickly and the copies appeared in Belgium, Australia and other countries.


In the “Peter Pan” cartoon, created by Dysney studio in 1953 it is possible to see many sights of London, among them: Big Ben, Tower, and legendary Red buses.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris (“Ratatouille”)

In the scene, where Remi admires the landscape, opening from one of the roofs, the lights of the tower make the viewers’ heart soar. During the creation of cartoon filmmakers made more then 4 500 pictures of Paris, including the famous creature of Gustave Eiffel. By the way, not everyone knows, that reduced copies of the towers are in Copenhagen,  Guangzhou and some others cities of the World. Along with the Eiffel Tower in the cartoon it is possible to see other sights of Paris: picturesque bridges at Seine River embankment, Sacré-Cœur  Cathedral, and inviting streets of Montmartre.



Callanish stones in Scotland (“Brave”)



The animated movie Disney/ Pixar “Brave” is inspired by the culture and traditions of medieval Scotland. One of the famous sights, which authors proficiently threaded into the plot, is enchanted Callanish stones in Scotland. Ensemble from several vertically organized stones is one of the most visited places in Scotland. In the animated movie Merida is led to these stones by blue lights.


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