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In the major cities lately it has become common to meet a dog in a café or restaurant and the number of dog-friendly public places grows year by year. For some time visitors with dogs can be encountered in bars, moreover in some of them there are special sites, mats, bowls for water and sometimes even special “dog beer”.

There are stories of 4 Petersburgers, who go to bars with their hardly garnish dogs and their opinion over how is it to do bar-hopping together with their four legged friend.

Vladimir Sorokin

The main guideline here is basically only one: the dog is the same as its owner. If the master is communicative, often outside the house, socializes, then the dog will feel comfortable surrounded by people. It is necessary to do so that new place would be to the fullest designated to accustomed for the dog: if I often go out, if guests often come to my place, if the noisy crews get together, the dog got used to this, consequently it feels comfortable in any bars.

Normally, Tesla and I are allowed everywhere. I remember only couple of times, when we were not allowed. For example, once the security didn’t let us in to one fashionable exhibition. But this was an exception, usually we are allowed to galleries – either to “Borey”, or to “Anna Nova” or to showroom in Mayakovskiy Library. Now we regularly visit “Hroniki”, coffee house at Ligovskoy and bar Union for clambakes on Mondays. Here everyone knows him, makes friends with him, he always hugs with girls.

In fact, there are plenty of all types of arguments against dogs: allergy, mess, sanitary regulations, safety. But I think if a bar or café hold oneself out as dog-friendly one, if they put a bowl for water, appropriate some place for them, it is a great plus. This brings people together and shows to haters that dogs can easily coexist with people in the same space and not bother them.

Alina Balk

Hidden pitfalls in case with dogs in public places do exist. Myself I work in restaurant sector. For one of our storefronts we did the doorplate announcing that we are glad to see dogs up to 40 cm in withers. There are people who adequately understand that it is an animal, that it has claws, fur, they take a mat and lay it for the dog. And there are those who consider dog to be as a child and that it can sit anywhere, do whatever it wants, and it is not very nice for furniture and guests, who have a lunch nearby, this is disliked by many…

Alexandra Korkina

We started taking Derik everywhere at once we bought him. Wherever we dropped in, we asked if it is possible with a small dog and showed him. In 90% cases we were allowed. And even when Derik grew up, the number of refusals didn’t increase. If we go to a new place, we try to call and specify if it is possible with a dog of M size, if no, Derik may easily sleep in the car. But this is more likely relates to café, in the bars for me it is even difficult to bring to mind, where they were unhappy to see us. We go with him not only to bars, but to museums and even clubs: for example, once he became a star at the “Bezdelniki” party. Now it is more and more dog-friendly places. I laugh that in Co-op Garage there are more dogs than humans.

Elena Lobastova

I started taking him at public places almost at once. The quietness and tranquility of the dog was helpful. We started with shops, cafes, some offices, then started to go to friends. During the tableful Umbo usually calmly waits: he has the sleep mode, in other words if I hang on in some place, in a bookshop or bar, he can wind himself into a ball and sleep.

Sometimes it happens that we are not allowed somewhere. There are many cozy places, where it is possible to drop in only with a dog of a small size. Plus, sometimes it happens that people are afraid of dogs and think that all the rest either. So yes, we were not allowed to some cafes, some hotels, some taxies refused to drive me with a dog.

Out of the places where we go regularly, I can name bakery “Korzhov”, we go to café Italia and bar Evo.


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