At the yoga mat: what is a must to know making tracks for yoga
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If you really want to do yoga, rather than limit yourself to watching Instagram accounts, we are briefing everything, that is necessary to know.

Yoga is an ancient practice, which has been existing for already thousands of years, but many people are still afraid to get aquainted with it. That makes sense, for after strange names of the yoga positions (downward dog, warrior, mountain) and Insta-photoes where yogies fold up into a brazel, it is easy to get into a flap. We asked Pandora Paloma, the teacher of yoga from London and Jessica Skai, the founder of yoga-school Fat Buddha Yoga to share the expert knowledge.  So, a handbook for beginners, in which you will find everything you wanted to know about yoga, but were afraid to ask.

In the internet you can get an insight into all kinds of yoga, but the best way to catch the tide is to have a group study or one-on-one training. Before enrolling into the class, it is necessary to define which style of yoga is suitable for you. Think over, what do you expect from the classes: wish to have an energy boost or to relax? You want to get slim of develop flexibility? Estimate, how active you are, how mobile, because it will influence a lot at the choice of the style. There are aproximately 14 styles of yoga, but for you as for beginner it is necessary to get to know about just few of them.


This practice consists of the secuence of positions, which are necessary to work out in a fast pace and in a same way. If you are a fan of monotony and enjoy to work hard, this style is for you, because it is characterized by continuous flow of movements.


Well-known for many, hot yoga. The class of bikram-yoga usually lasts for 90 minutes and consists of the standart sequence of 26 positions. The lesson is held in the heated room, hence you will have to sweat and toil in there (in every sence). The heat enhances elasticity of muscles. But it is necessary to be accurate not to overplay. If you are susceptible to traumas, listen to your body and stop when it demands rest. Before and after the session it is very importaint to make sure that in the body it is enough water. And if before the class you noticed that it isn’t that, then Bikram-yoga lesson is better to be postponed.


Hatha is a sort of general term. But usually this name of yoga describes the calm class, focused on calming mind and body, as opposed to something more active.


If you are impatient, this style is not for you. Here it is nesessary to work under the small amount of positions focusing on the body posture in all of them. This type usually includes all kinds of implements: from blocks to belts, rollers and chairs – and requires the rest in the form of the wall.


Wish to establish interplay between mind, soul and body? Jivamukti yoga can suit you. It is very comprehensive approach. Usually trainings begin with the trainer who reads sacred writings. If you are sceptic, it is more than likely not for you. But if you are open for something new, why not try?


This style of yoga is usually named as dynamic yoga or flow yoga. Vinyasa is a very fast and mobile kind of practice, in which there is a lot from Ashtanga yoga. If you search something that will energize you and not overburden you, Vinyasa-yoga is for you.

What to wear?

Everything that rather tight fit and not hinder your movements will do. Leggins and sporty tops – are reliable favorites. Wide t-shirts often fall on the face, it is not convenient. Thus the less we are in contact with our clothes the better it is, then nothing will disturb us from yoga.



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