The Cathedral of the Assumption of Moscow Kremlin
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The Cathedral of the Assumption of Moscow Kremlin is orthodox Сathedral, placed at the the Cathedral Square In the Moscow Kremlin, was constructed in 1475-1479 years under the guidance of Italian architect Aristotele Fioravanti. It was the main Cathedral Church of Russian land all the way to abolishment of absolutism in 1917. The Cathedral is the sepulcher of all Moscow patriarchs of the first patriarchal period except for Nikon and Ignatius.

The first stone Cathedral at the spot of the existing one was constructed in the beginning of XIV century at the reign of Ivan I of Moscow. On the 4th august 1326 at the place of previous wooden Church was laid the white-stone Cathedral of Dormition of the Mother of God in the fulfillment of the wish of Metropolitan of Kiev and all Rus – Peter. The Temple was dedicated to God in 1327.

The Cathedral of Dormition of the Mother of God of 1326—1327 years was the first stone Temple in Moscow. It had four internal piers, three apses, three narthexes, one cupola.

At summer 1471 Philip I, Metropolitan of Moscow began hardly thinking of construction of new stone Cathedral Church in Moscow, because the old one, built by Kalita, threatened to be demolished.

Ivan III invited from Italy famous architect Aristotele Fioravanti, which fully disassembled the remainders of previous building and raised up the contemporary Temple on the model of Dormition Cathedral in Vladimir. The Cathedral was dedicated to God on 12 august 1479 by Gerontius, Metropolitan of Moscow.

The Temple has six internal piers, five apses, five cupolaes. Built of white stone combined with bricks. 

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