15 interesting facts about Moscow
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The precise age of Moscow is not certain, thus counting begins after 1147, when it was first mentioned in  Hypatian Chronicle. The city day started being celebrated by Moscovites since 1947, when Moscow age reached its 800. At that time it was decided that the first Saturday of September is the festival for Moscow residents.

The attitude to Moscow is different: some people do not like it because of the fast pace of living, the hustle and bustle of the city, high buildings, traffic jams, bad ecology, but for some reason they are having to live in this. Accordingly to inquiry there are 20% of discontented ones. But the majority will never exchange its city for some other.

Some people are living here since the childhood, some came here in search for better life, some succeeded in subduing it, some left disappointed. In each soul this city remains its giant trace, to each – his owns. But in any case Moscow – is glorious, attractive and very interesting city, accordingly to the facts.

15 interesting facts about Moscow

  • There are two versions of Moscow origin. Accordingly to the one it originates from finnish “bear” and “water”, accordingly to the second – from Old Slavic language it is translated as wetness.
  • In Russia and  Europe it is the largest city by number of inhabitants – 12 000 000 people. Moscow  is included in top 10 ratings of the largest metropolises of the World.
  • Only 4th descent of people is possible to consider as native-born population. But only 2% of population are like that. However from one year to the next the percentage of Russian people is becoming less and less.
  • If to add together all streets of the Moscow, their length will compound nearly 4350 km. The pedestrian going on foot with the speed of 5 km/hour will need more than a month to cover this route.
  • The highest tv tower in Europe is Ostankino tv tower. It is 8th top highest building in the World.  The height of the building is 540 meters.
  • Accordingly to data of 2008 year, in Moscow there are 571 memorials and 417 creations linked with historical dates. The top highest memorial is at Prospekt Mira metro station and the name of obelisk is ” To conquerors of the space”. Its height is 107 meters.
  • The Russian State Library, located in Moscow is one of the hugest libraries of the World with the number of books totaling to 40 millions. By book depositary it gives in only to the Library of Congress in Washington.
  • In Moscow you can find the largest zoo in Russia. In here you can see more than 550 species of animals from all around the World.
  • Moscow has 446 museums. By collection of masterpieces they compete with most famous collections of the World. However only 3% of Moscovites do visit museums on regular basis.
  • One of the biggest museum of the World is Moscow Kremlin. The oldest part of the city takes 27 hectares of the land and astonishes with the beauty of the towers, cathedrals and temples.
  • Many cities of the World can envy to Moscow by the number of the parks. The oldest of it is Alexandrovsky sad. Was equipped in 18 century.
  • In Moscow there are 837 orthodox Churches and Chapels. Notably the Cathedral of assumption is the oldest building of Moscow (1475-1479) preserved by now.

  • The Kremlin striking clocks is the oldest clocks in Moscow. Its diameter is 9 meters the length of minute arrow is 4 meters, and weight is about 50 kg.
  • Since 1994 in Moscow there is a governmental decree accordingly to which from 23:00 to 7:00 dogs are forbidden to bark.
  • Moscow metro is one of the deepest and most beautiful in the World. Each day 10 000 trains transports 9 million passengers, what is the top quantity in the World. If to go to the center the station will be announced by man’s voice,  from center by woman’s. If to ride at the ring line in a clockwise order by man’s voice, against the clock order – by woman’s one. It is done to help to blind people to find the way.


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